A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
and changes your view of the digital world

Hungry fox

Hungry like a fox?

We’re looking for the new generation of digital thinkers. If creating next level digital services floats your boat, give us a shout.

Most wanted

Luckyfox is specialized in bringing together the top notch digital natives with customers, who are in need of getting their business running faster, website looking better and digital services working like a dream. If you’re a digital mastermind looking for an encouraging workplace with a good flow, great benefits, interesting projects and possibilities to grow and develop, this is it.

At the moment we are hiring professionals for the positions of:

Embedded Software Developer

We are looking for Embedded Software Developers to work with system designing and planning. If you can code with C++ and have experience of embedded systems (especially linux), you might be the one we are looking for. Knowing other programming languages is an advantage.

Send your application and CV to [email protected]

More information: Sanna Lehtoniemi p. 044 559 2922

Full Stack Developer

We are looking for Full Stack Developers to work with modern web technologies. If you master some of these techniques HTML5, JavaScript, Java, Scala, React, Angular, Node.js, you might be what we are looking for! We don't expect you to have years of experience in software development but you should have solid proof of utilizing modern web technologies in software production.

Send your application and CV to [email protected]

More information: Sanna Lehtoniemi p. 044 559 2922


Lucky Fox Hunting

Us, the Lucky Fox hunters, are not your typical IT partners. We’re specialized in smelling the potential from far. Therefore, you can be sure that you’ll find not just the best but also the foxiest digital masterminds from us.

If you’re looking for a digital native, who speaks the many languages of code, outsmarts anyone in software testing, and designs killer mobile apps, look no further. We have already chased down the most agile doers.

Our clever foxes can handle the modern day technologies. They know how to use them to speed up your business and take your services to the next level.

Foxiest of the foxes

Sanna Lehtoniemi

Sanna Lehtoniemi

[email protected]
044 559 2922

Sanna is the royal ruler of recruitment. No talents will be left unfound, when she steps into the game! This dame has an ambitious strategy of going through every single rabbit hole to find the right person for the job. Business-minded Sanna holds almost 10 years of experience in recruiting and HR. She has a special nose for sniffing tech-savvy talent, and therefore holds an amazing track record in IT recruitments. Everything Sanna does, she does with a big heart and passion.